2021 Provincial Training Conference has ended
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For additional support please contact Kayla Black at kblack@lawfoundationbc.org 
avatar for Odette Dempsey-Caputo

Odette Dempsey-Caputo

Kamloops Legal Clinic
Staff Lawyer
Odette Dempsey-Caputo has been a civil litigation lawyer in British Columbia for over 12 years. Her practice has primarily included working on legal aid files and working at legal clinics, giving her a unique perspective on access to justice for those that are marginalized in her community. As a result, Odette has become a strong advocate for access to justice which has included writing articles to the paper, actively sitting on committees and presenting to the community. Odette’s strong work ethic comes from growing up on a farm in southeast Saskatchewan. She has come a long way from the farm to aid in the start-up of the Elizabeth Fry Legal Clinic in Kamloops, British Columbia.