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avatar for Gloria Cardinal

Gloria Cardinal

Indigenous Community Legal Clinic
Legal Assistant/Advocate
Vancouver, BC
Gloria has been a Legal Advocate/Legal Assistant with the Indigenous Community Legal Clinic for over four years.  Gloria has worked extensively with clients who have experienced trauma.  Her advocacy work includes interviewing clients for their Indian Day School claims, advocating for clients with RTB hearings, helping to complete the Sixties Scoop process - which has been ongoing since the August 2019 deadline, drafting of wills, and opening and closing of files within the Indigenous Community Legal Clinic.

Indian Day School clients are helped with writing their story about their experience at Indian Day School. At the ICLC we believe that a more complete narrative will help the client determine an accurate "Level of Harm" as described in the FIDSCAS application form and settlement agreement.

With the Limitation date of July 13, 2022 we will give pointers on how to help the clients finish up their claim in the best way possible.